Power BI: Pro Versus Premium

I have been sharing Power BI with customers for some time now.  A quick tour is here.

At a high level, Power BI lets you pull together one or more data sources, and create visualizations that are interactive. With our cloud capabilities, we enable english-language querying of these data models, and also offer statistical insights.

As of May 3rd, we announced some changes to the pricing and added a premium service option.

The raw components to make this work include the free Power BI Desktop, the Power BI Service, and Power BI Premium.  Reports that are to be shown outside of your organization can leverage the Power BI API for external report consumption.

Once an organization gets used to mashing together data in this desktop, they will need to share with others inside the organization.

Sharing and publishing shared content requires Power BI Pro licensing. This is a per-user license, and can be added onto Office 365, or purchased as a stand-alone option.

At some level, there may be a large number of “occasional readers” of reports.  The pricing for these people may not make sense to consume content with the per-user pro license.  For the readers at scale, Power BI Premium makes great sense.

More deep-dive links are below, around administering and provisioning Power BI and Premium capacity.  Feel free to ping me for more information!

Latest Video from Adam Saxton on announcements from the Data Insights Summit:

Power BI Premium, and what is it. (Pro versus premium tables are here)


Power BI Premium white paper


A Power BI Administrator needs to “purchase” the premium capacity.

How to purchase Power BI Premium


Administering Power BI in your organization



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