What big companies use Microsoft SQL Server?

I had a customer ask me “I cannot find customer examples of large companies that use Microsoft SQL Server“.

I of course laughed, as I work in the Enterprise space for the US Northeast district.  I might know some large companies who do.

But who has been willing to go PUBLIC and tell others that this is the case?

And of course, who has SENSITIVE DATA, and who needs HIGH throughput, for massive data sets?

I start with my favorite.  The NASDAQ stock exchange. ONE PETABYTE on SQL 2014, for data warehousing:


I curated a few videos and links.  Feel free to forward around to brag.

Here is where to search:

Customer Case Studies

Here is the rest of the list that consists of great customer examples:

  • Edgenet – “Edgenet Gain Real-Time Access to Retail Product Data with In-Memory Technology”
  • Georgia Pacific
  • OpenText
  • Dell – “Dell wanted to boost its website performance so that each day, its 10,000 concurrent shoppers enjoyed faster response times. The company also needed to increase its ability to support up to 1 million concurrent shoppers during the holidays. To achieve these goals, Dell is migrating mission-critical databases to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and taking advantage of In-Memory OLTP to store some tables in-memory. By doing so, Dell has sped the performance of databases by up to nine times.”
  • Yahoo
    • “Yahoo! implemented a solution that takes data from its vast data stores within the Apache Hadoop open-source framework and ultimately moves it to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.” – old school!
  • Microsoft (We run SAP for the entire company on SQL Server)
  • Cerner (Lync, which uses SQL Server as a back end)
  • RHI – “RHI, a global supplier of refractory products, wanted better BI tools. To improve query performance and reporting capabilities, the company implemented a tabular data model based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services and the new xVelocity memory-optimized columnstore index. Queries that once took more than a minute to run now finish in less than 2 seconds, and the company has a simpler data model that it can use with multiple BI tools. The company can now make better data-driven decisions while cutting costs.”
  • Docusign  — digital signatures.

I hope this helps you with your own discussions around SQL Server being “Enterprise-Ready”.  Microsoft SQL Server should be considered a Tier 1 Database platform!

Please reach out to me with any comments or questions.



About George Walters

Microsoft Partner Technical Evangelist/Architect, serving independent software vendors. Formerly data platform sales, and support even before that.
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